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Broce Broom sweeper

Broce Broom


Broce is the industry leader and the first to include a fully enclosed cab with air conditioning for operator comfort. Partnering with the best, Broce Brooms is the leader in self-propelled sweeper manufacturing. At AIS Construction Equipment, we're bringing Broce Brooms to you.

  • use blade for cleaning behind milling machines or chip and seal jobs
  • unique water spray system
  • capable of traveling at road speeds of 35 miles per hour
  • improved productivity
  • rear engine with hydrostatic drive
  • full 8 ft. brush with direct drive core motor for high side loads
  • enclosed engine cover standard with choice of John Deere, Cummins and Caterpillar engines to meet your power needs

Ask for a Broce Broom sweeper demonstration today!


Broce Brooms Hydrostatic Drive 350 model with optional curb sweeper and 7 1/2 foot blade gets the job done with fewer passes.