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Rubber Track Carriers

AIS Construction Equipment is now a proud dealer of Marooka Rubber Track Carriers. These versatile machines offer unrivalled load capacity and traction and their durability and maneuverability help them travel over all types of terrain.

Each Marooka Carrier is equipped with Hydrostatic transmission and user friendly controls. All steering maneuvers can be executed with a pair of single –hand controled levers. The Hyrdrostatic transmission eliminates the need for clutch and gear controls, simplifying machine operation.

The durable rubber tracks found on all Morooka Carriers are the product of years of collaboration with tire specialist, Bridgestone. The rubber tracks provide a smoother ride on rough terrain while maintaining all of the traction of a steel track.

Contact AIS Equipment for more information on the Morooka Rubber Track Carriers and to find out just how efficient these machines can be on your job site!

The Morooka MST 800VDL Rubber Track Carrier