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Hamm roller

Asphalt Rollers and Vibrating Compactors

Hamm is one of the leading manufacturers of compactors, tandem rollers, vibrating compactors and static rollers for soil and earth compaction.

SOIL Compactor: 3412 VI0

  • Vibratory compactor
  • Ergonomic drivers compartment with unobstructed visibility
  • Simple, automotive style instrumentation
  • Continuous hydrostatic drum and wheel drive
  • High performance, turbo-charged diesel engine
  • Meets all current EPA emission requirements
  • High gradeability through automatic, no spin differential and traction control system
  • Unique 3-point articulation joint
  • Hydrostatic steering
  • Easy maintenance and long service intervals

Better maneuverability, steering control and traction means faster job times. Call us. We can help.

Asphalt Rollers

The "rollers with a plus" allow the driver to set the frequency and amplitude of the front and rear roller drum separately. Compaction parameters can be precisely adjusted to match operating requirements on the most varied grades of modern asphalt. Compact construction and the new three-point articulated joint significantly ease handling of the roller.

  • Ergonomic driver seat with 2 multifunction drive levers
  • Driver seat including steering wheel and instrument panel can be rotated and moved
  • Clear view of drum surface, its outer edge and working environment
  • Hydrostatic all-wheel drive for excellent hill climbing ability
  • Diesel engine with high power and low sound level
  • Pressure sprinkler system with 2 water pumps; spray nozzles visible from driver seat
  • Crab steering to increase working width
  • Transport height below 3 meters

3412 VI0 Soil Compactor.  Better sight means less maintenance. Discuss your needs with our industry expert today!