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Here at AIS we carry all makes and all models of John Deere Construction Equipment. John Deere and AIS will work hard to make sure you are in the machine you want and need. John Deere is one of the biggest names in the industry and their machines are something you will want to check out. 

We also have a pre-owned fleet of machines around 800 machines. If you are looking for a deal that won't break the bank check out our pre-owned inventory!

John Deere K Series Wheel Loaders

Here at AIS we know dependability, efficiency, and productivity are key to this industry and the K Series Wheel Loaders from John Deere provide exactly what customers are looking for in a wheel loader. The K Series come with loads of features to keep your machine running and keep it out of the shop. The K Series comes with unique capabilities and designed to keep the customer at peak performance based on their specific tasks. For wheel loaders smaller than the 444K check out out compact fleet.


  • 124HP
  • Bucket Capacity 2.5-4 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 25,022 lbs


  • 130HP
  • Bucket Capacity 2.5-4 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 19,974 lbs


  • 163HP
  • Bucket Capacity 2.75-5.25 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 25,022 lbs


  • 186HP
  • Bucket Capacity 3.5-5.25 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 34,717 lbs


  • 232HP
  • Bucket Capacity 4-4.25 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 41,188 lbs

644K Hybrid

  • 229HP
  • Bucket Capacity 4-4.15 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 40,436 - 42,106 lbs


  • 264HP
  • Bucket Capacity 4-4.75 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 48,988 lbs


  • 303HP
  • Bucket Capacity 5.25-5.75 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 55,905 lbs


  • 333HP
  • Bucket Capacity 6-6.75 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 59,260 lbs


  • 380HP
  • Bucket Capacity 7.25 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 74,534 lbs

944K Hybrid

  • 536HP
  • Bucket Capacity 10 cu yds
  • Operating Weight 117,947 lbs