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JCB Fastrac 4000 and 8000 Series

Since 1991, JCB has constantly produced and improved upon its unique Fastrac. During 25 years of innovation, JCB created the most productive, versatile, and safest range of tractors on the market. The new Fastracs are a testament to this legacy.



How the Fastrac Offers Unrivaled Productivity:

Incredible Speeds: With top speeds reaching 43 miles an hour in the 8290 and 37 mph in the 4220, Fastracs work quickly and efficiently. Fastracs are also equipped with a new Rapid Steer option, which reduces lock to lock turn by 50% for faster headland turns.

Greater Comfort: The new Fastrac 8290 offers 70-degree seat rotation and Hydrostatic Dual Steering to reduce driver fatigue, thus increasing work productivity. In addition, Fastrac 4000s have color-touch screen terminals to make handling key functions easier.

Enhanced Safety:  JCB ensures that the Hydrostatic Dual Steering in the 8290 meets safety standards of high-speed travel, while truck standard air breaking and ABS provide exceptional stopping power. The 4000 series incorporates a smooth-riding chassis to provide a stable platform for spraying and spreading with consistent working heights at high speeds. These features give buyers the most bang for their buck.

Unbeatable Versatility: The Fastrac 8290’s  powerful rear hitch combined with optimum linkage geometry lifts a genuine 22,046lbs, and the purpose-designed chassis gives multiple implement mounting points. On the new 4000 there is a 3-point linkage system that can lift 17,600 lbs, with front linkage handling up to 7,716 lbs. These enable operators to safely maneuvering heavy loads at faster speeds.

The bottom line for you is a pure and simple performance advantage. At incredibly efficient speeds, the 4000 and 8000 series Fastracs travel smoothly and safely in and between fields, providing you the quickest and most versatile tractors.

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