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Equipment Rental


Construction Equipment Rental Benefits

Achieve higher profit by renting vs owning. Contractors know that profit lies in the use of equipment, not necessarily in the ownership of it. Our Rental Department works with you to make sure you are always operating reliable, like-new equipment. 

Think of the possibilities. You will have greater flexibility in choosing the types of jobs you can do.  Experience less downtime with well maintained equipment. Job costs are fixed and rental fees can be counted as an ordinary business expense. Increase your bonding power by lowering your long term debt. Let us show you how.

Major Equipment failure?

CRC keeps over 65 field technicians on the road continuously to ensure ultimate uptime.

  • AIS swaps the machine immediately
  • No costly downtime
  • No huge expense to repair, you're covered
  • Greater flexibility in where you can bid jobs
  • Controlled trucking costs

Click here for more information on equipment rental from Contractor's Rental Corporation (CRC)

Contractor's Rental Corporation's fleet is in excess of $85 mil.