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Introducing JCB’s New Hydradig 110W:

The Machine That Comes First

JCB showcases its innovative abilities once again with the creation of the Hydradig 110W. As an excavator and tool carrier, the Hydradig seeks first place in the industry for visibility, maneuverability, mobility, stability and serviceability.

JCB’s Hydradig 110W

·         Lift capacity of 2,204lbs at maximum reach to get anything you need up and where it needs to go.

·         The Hydradig’s 109hp engine produces 25 mph on the road, which allows for a stable and time-efficient commute around the work site.

·         The JCB Hydradig 110W delivers best-in-class over the side stability when digging, lifting or slinging, compared to conventional tailswing competitors…all with a tailswing of just 4ft.

·         Four-wheel steer, two-wheel steer and crab steer as standard allowing you to work safely in tighter confines than ever before.

·         13ft turning radius makes maneuvering the Hydradig a breeze in places you wouldn’t normally take an excavator.

·         A hitch with a 7,700lb (3.5T) towing capacity allows you to tow a trailer with your attachments to the work site with ease.

·         All wheels are visible from the operator’s chair for extra visibility and safety while on the job.

·         Ground-level access so that operators can reach daily checkpoints and the fuel filter without having to climb onto the upper structure.

·         Servicing cost and downtime is also lowered by the Hydradig’s EcoMAX engine, which doesn’t require any after treatment.

The advantages of the Hydradig make a compelling argument for being the ultimate tool carrier.

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