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John Deere and AIS are committed to keeping the customers on the job and doing what they love. Customer satisfaction is an important staple for John Deere and that is something worth standing behind. AIS fully embodies this by having the best on hand and with customer service provided that few can match. The videos below shows how John Deere makes people into loyal customer through quality, exceptional service and by developing relationships with their customers.


Ultimate Uptime from John Deere and AIS has standard features that include the exclusive Deere WorkSight  that informs you, as well as our AIS staff what your machine needs to provide more continous uptime.  Best of all, it does not end there.  After an individual discussion of your needs, our staff will create a customized solution that optimizes uptime based on the unique needs of your your business.   




John Deere Equipment

AIS is proud to represent top of the line John Deere Construction Equipment for applications such as Farming, Landscaping, Construction and much more.

With maintenance programs, extended warranties and a team of Deere experts on staff to answer your questions, AIS not only helps you with what you are working on, but what you are working towards.